Tortharry Death Metal
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Luboš Gorgan
Mobil: 777 839 805

Altars of Ignorance
Altars of Ignorance
1. Intro
2. Reversed Dorians
3. Corrosive Haven
4. Altars Of Ignorance
5. Carousel Of Grief
6. Self-Fettered
7. Silent Psalm
8. The Heritage
9. Forget Us Like We Will Do...
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TORTHARRY contact:

TORTHARRY contact for CZ and SK:
Luboš Gorgan, 549 36 Stárkov 77
Mobile: +420 777 839 805


Produced by Dan Friml and Tortharry
Music by Tortharry.
Lyrics by Štefan „Unseen“ Ležovič.
Recorded, engineered and mixed at The Barn Recording Studio,
Czech Republic between February 2021 and March 2021.
Technical support by Petr Beran and Jakub Píč.
Cover art and photos by Jaromír „Deather“ Bezruč – In Deed Hell.
Booking Czech Republic and Slovakia:
Webmaster Tortharry by Josef „Gogo“ Gorgan.
Released by MetalGate Records, c 2021 MetalGate


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